Plasma-based actuators have received overwhelming attention from the flow control community over the last decades. Their high dynamic range, robustness and simplicity render them ideal for the emerging field of active flow control for improvement of aerodynamic performance. Strong fields of application include aerospace platforms, high lift systems, wind energy and internal turbomachinery flows.

Several types of plasma-based actuators have been developed and tested. These include non-thermal plasma actuators such as Alternating Current Dielectric Barrier Discharge (AC-DBD) and Direct Current corona actuators and thermal plasma actuators such as nanosecond DBD and spark-jet actuators.

Considerable advancements in modelling, characterisation and application of this type of actuators have been demonstrated in both laboratory and industrial scales. Yet several open issues remain in all the above topics, which necessitate further developments in order to ensure full-scale industrial adoption of these systems.

This colloquium is intended to provide an open and informal platform of discussion and ideas exchange to leading scientists in Europe but also worldwide. More specifically, the colloquium will treat the topics of Characterisation, Development, Modelling and Application of plasma actuators. Work on all types of  plasma-based actuators (AC-DBD, ns-DBD, DC corona, spark etc.) is welcome.

This colloquium will serve as the first dedicated EUROMECH colloquium on plasma actuators. The colloquium will offer the opportunity to researchers to present their numerical, experimental and theoretical work on the following suggested topics. Contributions not directly related to these topics, or covering multi-disciplinary domains are warmly welcome:

  •   Characterisation of plasma-based actuators
  •   Development of plasma-based actuators
  •   Modelling of plasma-based actuators
  •   Application of plasma-based actuators

Abstract submission and registration

Abstract submission

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